Sober is Dope Transformation Course

Welcome to The Sober is Dope School of Personal Transformation. The purpose of this mini masterclass is Life Transformation. Whether you are trying to improve your quality of life, rebuild your life from rock bottom, improve a marriage/relationship, seeking a way to improve your self-image, recovering from substance abuse, illness, depression, process addictions or life, this course is for you. In this course you will learn exercises to improve mindfulness, reasons why you should meditate, new life habits, bio hacks for brain health, tips on how to deal with stress, anxiety, and more. This course is intended to help the student to get back on track, find ways to cope with stress, and transform their mindset for a healthier, and happier life. This course is perfect for anyone that desires personal transformation and wants to learn the foundations of self-mastery. Welcome to your personal transformation. Sign Up Today for Early Bird Special Price $25.00
Sober is Dope Transformation + Free E book